We all know Tinder. The app where you need to swipe right if you like someone and left if you don’t. If you both swiped right you can start a conversation and maybe even flirt a little. In that way you can meet new people or a potential lover.

Sometimes you needs someone to get you out of your lazy mode. Björn Borg came with an idea. They took the concept of tinder and made it into a dating app for sport fanatics. Because having a workout buddy most of the time motivates people to do there absolute best. The app is called Sprinter. Wipe left or right en find your perfect workout match. The app keeps track of your fitness progress, in that way other users can see how often you workout.

The app brings people together who have the same interests. They find each other online but will workout together offline. You can motivate and inspire each other to do the best you can and find new workouts together. There has always been a need for some kind of dating app and this kind didn’t exist yet. You often see people alone in the gym, looking a little bit lost. With Sprinter they can meet someone who can guide and motivate them. It is a cool because a dating app like this didn’t exist yet. It is something new and that makes people curious. At the moment a lot of people are so focussed on eating healthy and keeping there body in shape and Björn Borg launched the app at the perfect timing, of course. Björn Borg will probably gain popularity from this and it is great for there marketing.

In the future it will probably get more attention and popularity. If you look at the app Tinder where it started and where it is now. So the future looks bright for the Björn Borg Tinder app Sprinter.

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Björn Borg launches a sportive tinder variant (Colorful Rebel)

Björn Borg launches a tinder app for workout buddies (Metronieuws)


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