Professor and creator of Furf Design Studio, Rodrigo Brenner created The Invisible Design Project. He believes that even when you are visually impaired you can still design a product. In that way students have can design a better future, visually impaired or not. Objects are not just objects, but they have some kind of a soul. And because the visually impaired people can’t see the objects they make a story what it should represent and what you should feel when you can see the object and they translate that in the design of a piece of furniture.

No one has ever tried to learn visually impaired people how they can do this kind of things where you normally need eye vision for. That’s something special because now the blind students are designing furniture that is for everyone. It’s a way of bringing people together. For the future it is maybe a good idea to stop thinking of what people can’t do and focus on what they can do.


BOOK was designed by Kleyton, inspired by a swing where an old couple can reminisce about their love story together. It is named book because it’s form resembles an open book.

Blind students design furniture for everyone (design-milk)

Teaching art to the blind (Yale)


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