Tetra, is a new online shop and lifestyle brand. They are dedicated to bring back the smoking experience. The project was co-created by Monica Khemsurov, Su Wu and Eviana Hartman. All three have great succes with there blogs and designs.

A lot of people around the world still smoke, even when they know what a cigarette can do too your health. But there are a lot of collectors who still appreciate the beauty that has been created around smoking over the years. The online shop offers smoking items for cigarettes, pipes, cigars and marijuana. They want that people have the feeling of being fully present in their own life, taking real pleasure in small moments. The project makes beautiful things for something that is so bad for your health. You could see it as a metaphor. It’s something that no one tried to design before. Normally people design other things and are not paying attention to small designs like this.

You can put this concept with the trend health. They are promoting smoking in a beautiful way but that doesn’t take away the bad part of smoking. For the future this idea is innovative also for other companies. Try to take something negative and turn it into something positive. Smoking will of course never become something positive but they made the experience an art.

Tetra’s aesthetically elevated smoke shop (Coolhunting)

Tetra, a designer smoking accessories shop (Sight unseen)

A new design shop that aims to elevate the smoke-filled room (The New York Times style magazine)

Tetra: a designy smoking shop (Design-Milk)


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