As we all know we have a huge problem floating in the ocean, plastic. Companies are trying to find new ways to pull some of the pieces of plastic trash out of the ocean and finding new ways of using the ocean trash. They put it in surfboards, soap bottles and now in shoes. Adidas has released a new sneaker woven entirely out of ocean trash.

Adidas is supporting a non-profit that is helping the company develop a strategy for fighting ocean waste. They collected the plastic and brought it back to life in a shoe design. The way they make the shoe is already creating less waste than other techniques, because you don’t have to cut out patterns. “We use what we need for the shoe and waste nothing” says Eric Liedtke, Adidas Group executive board member of global brands.

The plastic in the ocean is creating health and environment problems. The fish that eat the plastic end up on our plates with a stomach full of toxins. That’s why things like this are necessary. It’s bringing the problem to the attention and Adidas did that in a new and innovative way by using the plastic in a shoe someone can wear. It’s something cool because the plastic trash has never been used in a shoe. Adidas is not done with using the plastic in their line. They want to put it in T-shirts, shorts and all kinds of stuff.

Adidas knit these sneakers entirely from ocean plastic trash (Fastcoexist)

Plastic soup: This problem is also on your plate (Plastic soup foundation)

Adidas created a shoe that is literally made out of trash (Huffingtonpost)

Sneakers made from plastic waste (Value innovations)


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