Are you looking for something more exiting then just a regular round with the buggy? Here is your solution, the ‘Longboardstroller’ by Quinny (Baby Care products). It’s best of both worlds, a longboard and a buggy but then as one. You can take your kid from one place to an other while you’re longboarding.

“It brings together the comfort of a traditional stroller and the excitement of longboarding.”


As a family business Quinny wants to focus on product developing and innovation. Their products come most to their rights in the city. Life in a city is full of bumps, surprising moments and opportunity’s. Quinny makes sure you are ready for al of that. They make smart solutions for parents on the move. So you can always go your own way.


You can connect the Longboardstroller to leisure and experience economy. You can connect the stroller to leisure because people use it to be on the move in their free time and still have the opportunity to be with their kids, it’s easy and quick. It brings them more often together in brief moments. The Longboardstroller is an experience you share with your little ones. You pay for the experience. Experience economy.

Each Longboardstroller is produced by hand in Portugal, you only need €600 and the buggy is yours. The buggy is approved in the Europe, but not yet in de US because of safety standards.*

*(Why? The Quinny longboardstroller was developed, tested, and approved for use in the European Community. This product was not designed for other territories, notably in to North America, Australia, or New Zealand, and this longboardstroller is not intended for use in those territories.)


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