Domino’s makes ordering a pizza dangerous with the ‘Easy Order’ button. I push on the button and you have in seconds ordered your favorite pizza. Half of their customers are ordering their pizza via the mobile  apps. But if you still  think ordering via an app is taking to long, one-click pizza ordering is your new friend.

You have a physical and virtual button. The physical option is a tiny button that can be programmed to do a lot of different things. It’s connected with bluetooth to become your pizza delivery companion.

They create a whole new experience around ordering a pizza. It’s not just ringing a number or using an app, you use the button and there it is, your favorite pizza. This is why you can link it to Experience Economy. Eating is something you do in your free time so it can also be linked to leisure. This is a completely new way of ordering your pizza. This gadget can be applied to various of things, online shopping and ordering different kinds of food. It gives ordering a fun vibe. For in the future other companies can use some kind of gadget like this to make ordering more fun and easier.







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