College of Art student Jakub Pollág created a simple tattoo gun kit. People can create their own tattoo’s in their own save environment. You can put your thoughts on your skin without a tattoo artist.

The purpose of the little tattoo machine is that people can capture meaningful memories. The set contains everything you need to create an image right away. Getting a tattoo is not new, there is proof that this method was used years before christ. But until now you always needed a tattoo artist to put your memories on your skin, with the tattoo machine it’s all up to you.


It’s something you can connect to leisure because you do it in your free time. And with the tattoo machine you can do it whenever you have some time left. You can link this to experience economy because you buy the product who gives you an experience. The experience is creating your own tattoo. There are a lot of different opinions about the tattoo machine, about how it wil develop in the future. Is it save to give everyone the opportunity to tattoo their own skin? The machine is not that expensive, it wil be between 70 and 80 euro. (history of tattoo)



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