You still didn’t dye your hair? These days it’s normal that you dye your hair regularly. Blue, pink, white or granny grey. When you start you cannot go back. Why is it so addicted?

According to psychologist Dr. Vivian Diller is it so addicted because we are used to habits. If you repeat something enough times it will become a habit. The reason most women start dyeing their hair is because they want to stand out or to find themselves again. And ones you start you cannot go back. According to the Nottingham Trent University women who dye their hair feel more confident and attractive. Of course dyeing your hair is not the solution for everything, but it’s logical. Probably it feels the same as wearing your new dress, little effort, huge result.


When you dye your hair it feels like you’re shifting from identity, your trusted colour will disappear. For a lot of women dyeing their hair is a huge step and a major change. You change your appearance by colouring your hair.



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