In 2015 the beard has become a phenomenon and it doesn’t appear to be going anywhere any time soon. They exist in every shape you can think of.

Two friends made an Instagram-account called “The Gay Beards” and they are real front runners with this trend. They are getting incredible creative by creating the “artistic beard.” Especially when it comes to photo projects people like to be creative with this form of facial hair. Floral beards, pastel beards, dyed beards and even beards with objects placed in them. The creations are playful and very feminine.

For the holidays they started a trend to dye your beard with sparkles. A huge amount of man posted photo’s with their beards covert in glitters.

Man are shifting from identity by creating pictures with different beards. They have a complete other, more feminine look. For a lot of man this is a big step, their beard shows how manly they are. Also their appearance changes by changing their beards. A beard can do a lot for the shape of your face.



www.google.com images



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