Most people ignore animal suffering when it comes to buying leather bags or clothes. Two companies, Ogilvy & Mather Advertising Bangkok and PETA Asia, teamed up to create awareness for this problem. Their plan was to create a pop-up store in Bangkok’s most trendy shopping malls and sell ordinary but very luxury leather goods. But the twist to the story is that inside they had a terrifying secret. (open the movie in the link below)

Behind the leather

PETA’s Ashley Fruno said: “Shoppers were shocked when they opened a bag or unzipped a jacket to reveal a beating heart or pulsating intestines. This is a provocative way to confront consumers with the cruelty behind every exotics skin bag, belt, jacket or pair of shoes.”

This is a problem that is growing. In 2013 the industry grew with almost 4%. And most of the people don’t want or just don’t see the problem. Leather bags and clothes stand for a special kind of lifestyle. People see leather goods as a luxury item to show that they have enough money to afford a leather bag. That’s why the industry is still growing. For us in Europe the problem seems so far away. It’s not happening in our country. We are not confronted with it every day. The problem is that we can not relate. We all just close our eyes when someone shows us a picture of a skinned animal.

The animals that are most popular especially in Europe are the exotic animals like a python, crocodile or other reptiles. Every year almost 440,00 pythons are caught. To make your bag of crocodile leather possible they need not one but two or three crocodiles. The biggest concern is that the animals are skinned in cruel ways to become a trendy item. They want that the fashion industry takes responsibility for the animal cruelty. But they don’t.


This was not the first campaign of PETA. They also released an undercover movie about angora wool (wool made of angora rabbits) in 2013. After that a lot of brands decided to have stricter controls of their factories and sell les angora wool. H&M even decided to stop their production of clothes made of angora wool.

For the future, after reading and seeing this, we can all conclude that it has to stop. We can not keep treating animals like this. We live in 2016 and with all the technologisation that is possible they are still killing a snake with a scissor. If the problem can’t stop now we need to make sure that the killing of the animals will be a lot more animal friendly, if there is a way you can make killing friendly…? But the best solution is of course stopping it.



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