You regret that one tattoo you put on your arm when you were maybe a little drunk? New York City’s NYU is working on a special ink you can erase without a laser. So you can erase that tattoo as soon as possible.

The reason why tattoos are not removable yet is because the molecules of normal ink are to big for our immune system, they are now developing an ink that is made of smaller molecules. To erase the tattoo, the tattoo artist needs to track the original lines of the tattoo with a special ink remover.

There is a bright side on this invention but also a less bright side. The bright side is that you can colour your whole body if you would want and after a month or year you can remove the tattoo again and get a new one, you can colour your skin like you did when you were little, like small stars and cute little hearts, and erase it after so your hand would be clean again. Shifting identities is something that you can connect to this. Because one day you can have an arm covered with bad ass lines and the next week you can have flowers covering your back. This is very positive for the tattoo artist, because people will come back more often and they will make more money of it. The less bright side is that you still put molecules in your skin that are not natural. 41% of the black ink are not safe and can cause cancer (tested in the Netherlands). The NVWA who also tested the ink started a campaign to create awareness called ‘Think before you ink!’

A few weeks earlier I wrote already about a tattoo machine that lets you be a tattoo artist yourself. If you combine this machine and the ink, then there are no limits to tattooing anymore. It will be very interesting how this turns out in the future. Maybe there will not exist something like a tattoo artist. But you will be your own personal colour book.

Blogpost Personal Tattoo Machine


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