cc9d361eb98704705d830f9df9517148Food is processed and mass made, pumped full with artificial ingredients, hormones, antibiotics, treated with pesticides, and is divided of real nutrition. Because there is more transparency in the world then a few years before, now consumers are learning more about their food. There is a need for a new food system. Because there is a whole new ecosystem rising that is plant-based. They want a new shift in food habits by creating new innovative products. The food sector that is based on plants reached $3.5 billion with an 8.7% growth rate in the past two years. Behaviour of consumers is changing and products are rapidly innovating. Those are two factors that play a big role in the food shift.

Something else that is changing fast in the food industry is meat. In 2013 the first lab-grown h hamburger was shown to the world. The world was a little shocked, but more and more people are opening up to new innovative ways of producing food. The food production needs to become more sustainable. The biggest environmental pollutant is the production of the farmers who keep animals. A lot of CO2 is released keeping farm animals like cows. This is another reason to try and find different ways of feeding ourselves. Not only because meat and fish is full with hormones also because the production of especially meat is bad for our environment.

Because of the problem that is described above the food system has to chance. More information is being revealed as people learn that food is more connected to your health and well-being then we thought. But there is still a blank space that people don’t understand or know. We know a lot more then a few years back but still there is a lot unclear. There is a big hype of foodies for the healthy lifestyle, but there’s no hype for the way food is made. The process of food en food in the future is mostly attracted by the early adopters or the early majority, because most people are not open for the changes yet.

For the future “A whole new conscious food economy is rising, consisting of companies that are working to disrupt our food system by offering healthier, more sustainable foods. We’re undoubtedly at an exciting point in history where concrete steps are finally being taken to focus on solutions that have the power to shape the future of food.” ~ Nil Zacharias, Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief, One Green Planet.


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