Over the past years a lot of taboos have been broken. In more and more countries gay marriage is legal now we reach 21 the and there is a big movement around gender look at Caitlyn Jenner, female or male? No just human. Also the porn industry is becoming less of a taboo. One of the reasons is TV and the internet of course. We see a lot more then our parents did when they were our age. Is there a limit of breaking taboos?

What is it?

It’s kind of bizarre news. PornHub, one of the most famous porn sites in the world, is launching a new fitness system called BangFit, it helps you bang to get fit. Via this website you can synchronise the game with your phone. There are a few options you can chose. Do you want one, two or maybe three players? And which ‘sexercise’ you want to do with information about how each position burns the most calories (man vs. woman). You need to have a BangFit Band to measure your progress and los of calories, only one player needs to wear the band. It’s more of a marketing stunt for PornHub than an actual product. When you watch the video you see that a little bit by making a joke they try to get awareness of how much we sit in a day and that it creates one of the biggest health issues, obese. Sitting is the new smoking. But it also fits with the new stream of foodies and healthy people.

MOVIE: BangFit


Why is it cool?

PornHub is the most successful porn site in the world. They use this to promote their website but also show you that porn can be fun and doesn’t need to be a taboo. With this revolutionary method like they call it, you can get into shape and improve your health. If that is really the case still needs to be proven. But this is a total different way to look at working out. Not something you think of when someone talks to you about fitness.


A few statements they make are:

Bangfit gets you fit as f**k

It combines the cardio of Zumba, the intensity of crossfit, and the flexibility of yoga.

BangFit spices up your sex life

BangFit is the perfect excuse to watch porn along with your partner, after all you’re doing it for your health.

Most of all, BangFit is fun.

Follow our revolutionary method to get into incredible shape while having the time of your life.



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