Since 2000 the plastic soup is one of the topics we see coming back in the news. The plastic soup is a big aria in North Pacific Ocean with a big ring of garbage, manly plastic. Many organisations have tried different solutions, but there is still not one solution that will solve the problem. Maybe there are more solutions needed to solve this ginormous plastic soup. Do you think about the plastic soup when you throw away a bottle of soda?

What is it?

A Dutch construction company called VolkerWessels has found a way to reduce the plastic in the ocean and make it useful. The concept that is called PlasticRoad aims to build roads that are completely made from plastic that is collected from oceans. But what makes plastic a suitable replacement for the black asphalt we all know? The plastic asphalt would last 50 years or longer. That is three times as long as normal asphalt. It will also require less care, which means less traffic jams. Replacing asphalt for plastic is also a kind of logical decision if you consider that asphalt is to blame for 1.6 million tons of CO2 that ends up in the atmosphere every year.

The road will exist of a Lego like construction. Everything can be customized and added later in the process. The design is hollow in the middle and leaves space for cables and pipelines. And eventually you could even recycle the road of recycled plastic.

Why is it cool?

Sustainable city’s is one of the most important trends at the moment. Making a city as sustainable and livingly as possible. In 2014 there where 7.9 million cars in the Netherlands, now in 2016 we reached over 9 million. Roads are also a part of a sustainable city. How can we make a city so sustainable as possible?

VokerWessels think they have found the solution with the PlasticRoad. They are looking for new replacements for asphalt for some time now and trying to solve the plastic soup. But no one thought of this idea and this choice of material. You can conclude that the concept is innovative and sustainable. PlasticRoads is a very good example of sustainable city’s.

Rotterdam city council has offered VolkerWessels a test location for PlasticRoad. They will start with a bicycle path. It will take three years to build the path.








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