In one of my previous blogs I mentioned that sitting is the new smoking. And that is a big problem these days. But one thing that’s across of that problem is the new fitness and foodies hype. It’s funny that we sit to much but the one thing you see everywhere is fitness.

What is it?

It’s a bike that exercises your entire body invented by Boyan Rista. Normal bicycles you only cycle with your legs. But whit Twicycle you can work the other half of your body at the same time. You move your handlebars the same way as the pedals. You’re working out your shoulders, biceps, chest, legs and abs at the same time. So of you have a day behind your desk in front of you, you would maybe consider taking this bike to work.



There are a few more inventions that can help you move around in healthy ways. Like a bicycle/step invented by Bruin Bergmeester, you walk on a step the same way like you do on a treadmill and hold your hands on the steering wheel to chose a direction.




Or you can pick the halfbike founded by Martin Angelov and Mihail Klenov. It’s a bike without a saddle. You have to stand the whole time and move your legs on the pedals. They make you move faster in a healthier way.



Why is it cool?

Most people tend to take the car or train when they need to go somewhere. What are you doing then? Yes, you sit, again. Like you’re going to do the rest of the day in your office. Let’s try a different way to move ourselves. The Twicycle, bicycle/step/treadmill and the halfbike are innovative ways to move yourself and they are not bad for the environment, so for the future they are sustainable. The Twicycle is more for the sportive people. But the other two are more likely to be used by the regular crowd. This may be a way to make movement more effective.







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