The three biggest supermarkets in the Netherlands are the Albert Heijn, Aldi and the Jumbo. They al have 400 or more supermarkets they own in the country. Over the years some thins in their assortment have changed, they all have more biologic products and some even have a special department. But the most innovative one of the three is the Jumbo.

What is is?

Jumbo is launching their first lab, the Jumbo Innovation Lab. It’s sounds a little mysterious. It is a lab where Jumbo and their suppliers can come together to create innovative products. The lab exists out of different editions every year, with changing theme’s. Every edition a different supplier of Jumbo can be part of the Innovation Lab. What they need to do is send one or more ideas for products. The specialist from Jumbo will judge all the products and see if they are worthy to be in the shelving. After the suppliers survive that round, they go to the second round. The suppliers need to present their products in front of an expert panel. If they can convince the panel the assortment manager will make a plan to get is as fast as possible in the shelves of Jumbo.

Why is it cool?

Jumbo says: “Only by being innovative, we can continue to exceed the expectations of our customers. Therefor, we continuously search for new and innovative products to surprise our customers again and again. It also gives us tools to to keep up with the changing needs of the customers. We can not do this alone. That’s why we created this platform, so we can work together with our suppliers.” Jumbo is one of the most innovative supermarkets in the Netherlands. It’s not the first time they tried something innovative. In 2013 they opened their first food market. Know there are already three Jumbo food markets in the Netherlands, one in Amsterdam, Breda, Veghel and in 2018 they will add their fourth in Tilburg. It’s a concept of Jumbo, doing your groceries became an experience. The focus in the food market is good, healthy and cheap food. You have three options in the Jumbo food market, buy your ingredients, buy meals or eat there. And they are the first supermarket who put insect products in their supermarket. This was in 2014. They want that customers can come to their supermarket for all their groceries. If you visit Jumbo you need to look for buggy balls, buggy burgers and buggy crisps. Jumbo is a supermarket that does not lay the bar so high for people to go do their groceries there. It’s very approachable. In the future more and more supermarkets will come up with innovative ways to separate themselves from the crowd. But for now Jumbo is the obvious leader in this branch.


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