Are you always on the move? And you’re not at home that much anymore? But you still want to take as much as you can with you wherever you go? Or you don’t have a home or stuff? Would there be a solution for that? For the people who need to move a lot or just can’t afford an expensive apartment. Because in the USA only there are living almost 3.5 million people on the streets. And singles now outnumber married people in America. Jeff Wilson, environmental science professor at the Huston-Tilloston University came to the rescue.

What is it?

It’s a tiny, cheap, smart apartment called Kasita. And the best thing is you can take it wherever you go. How it works is the glass and steel box can slide into a metal frame that squeezes into a building. You need or want to move? Just push the button on the app. You will be picked up by a truck, it will slide you out of the building, drive you to an empty space in another building and place your tiny house. There is no need for packing. Everything can stay inside. He started working with an industrial designer because he wanted to avoid expected solutions you would get with an architect. They wanted a few things it had to be low-rent even in the middle of the city, it had to be mobile, allow short term leases and let people live alone instead of roommates. The apartment will be about 30% bigger than a shipping container. The houses are mostly made for single living people with a cat for example.



Why is it cool?

The tiny houses are inspired by tiny-house living. “Professor Dumpster,” aka Jeff Wilson founder of the tiny houses tried living in a dumpster for a year. After 10 months he was sick of it.  He saw an opportunity to rethink housing. Something else like any micro-apartment or tiny home that had ever existed. The house is multifunctional. Your bed slides out from under the kitchen. In the wall are tiles pull out to allow different configurations of products. You could take a tile and hang a mirror or a TV. What makes the apartment even cooler is that there has been used a lot of technology. You can tell the glass to blend for privacy or ask for the morning news. The tiny houses fit with the trend sustainable cities. Because the houses run on solar power and you can move them wherever you want.


There is no need to build more and more houses if you can just pick up your own and move a city further. For the future this will be very useful. One day or another the earth will get too crowded. And we need to put people somewhere. With these tiny houses we don’t need to build more and more houses if people want to move, they just move to another rack. Also people who cannot afford a house can now easier get a tiny home. Because in the USA only there are living almost 3.5 million people on the streets and that’s not necessary.

“Let’s imagine you’re in San Fransisco, you get on Kasita app, you find the rack you want to move to in Austin, you click move, we come along, pull you out of the rack, put you on the truck, move you to Austin, and plug you in.” Wislon says. How cool would that be?











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