Imagine that you’re having sex and then your partner looks you in your eyes, and says the three words you never want to hear while your having sex. “The condom broke.” And then the waiting game begins. In 2007 there was a survey. A hundred college students where asked about their sex lives over three months of time. The outcome, man and women where having more unprotected sex because it was more pleasurable then when using a condom. In 2010 45% of men and 63% of women reported not using a condom. There are multiple consequences of not using a condom. 16 million girls between 15 and 19 years give birth each year. Imagine that the whole Netherlands is stuffed with pregnant teens.





What is it?

Swedish intimacy company LELO is the company that tries preventing situations like this from happening. It’s called the HEX condom and it looks pretty ordinary. But when you come closer you notice that there are some details that are not comparable with a normal condom. The condom has a hexagonal patterned honeycomb lattice into the material. The normal material that is used for so many years is just medical rubber. It breaks easily and it slips. And it reduces sensitivity. People connect a normal condom with less pleasure and less connection. “It’s kind of a shame that in 2016, we are still using a product that is more or less identical to what it was hundred years ago. I believe that with today’s technology, we can do much better.” LELO says. It was hard in the beginning it looked even a little bit impossible to change such a simple object. But there it was, the solution. “The beauty of this idea is that it’s so simple.” LELO says. The material stays the same but they are going to change the structure of the condom. They need to give people confidence to use a condom. And make it easier for them to trust it. They are making use of todays technology to improve a century old product. The structurally different design, fights for safe and great sex. You can see and feel the difference.


Why it is cool?

It’s an eye-catching design. It delivers more strength, it’s thinner and sensation gives more sensation through the structure. For almost 100 years the condom nearly changed. It was invented in 1920, you can say it desperate needed a ginormous make-over. The HEX condom is very innovative. Because it’s the first major condom innovation in 70 years. The one thing that was very important is to make a condom people actually want to use. The condom will be for our generation. We need to start using it and be not that stupid to not use one for what kind of reason. Because like LELO says: “It’s not a matter of taste. It’s a matter of life and death – of protecting yourself or not.”

Schermafbeelding 2016-06-20 om 16.09.38.png



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