These days we are all in a hurry. We want to move as fast as we can. There are many traffic jams every day. And many people running on the streets trying to grab a taxi. And the trains are as full as they can be. The goal of every transport company is to let their consumers travel as fast an as far as they can. But until now it’s still with a lot of limits. But of course the one and only Elon Musk came up with an idea. The Hyperloop.


What is it?

Elon Musk is the founder of Tesla and now also of The Hyperloop. The Hyperloop is a transport system where you travel via pods above ground, under the ground or under the sea. It looks a little bit like a train but then way more futuristic and way faster. To take you to another place as fast as possible the pods can go more than 500 miles per hour (1220 km per hour). The pods go through a tube instead of following a rail. There are a view advantages and there are a few problems that may occur. A few advantages are that the pods can’t crash, they are cheaper to build than a normal American railway, it’s faster then any transport you have ever used and it is energy efficient. The Hyperloop will generate more power than it consumes. Some possible problems according to the critics are that the experience could be fritting and there are still some logistical questions. The system was introduced on paper by Tesla and SpaceX CEO, the made the plans an open source so that everyone could develop the system. Since then they announced an open competition every year to stimulate the developing of the pods. Specially for university students and independent engineering teams to design and build the best Hyperloop pod. According to Elon Musk this will be the fifth way of transporting ourselves, we already know the train, car, plain, boat and now also the Hyperloop.

“people are exited about it and it’s really begun to capture people’s imaginations.” Elon Musk

Why is it cool?

This is something you only saw in the animation movies or series on TV at Disney channel for example. It’s super mega futuristic. And what is special about this new way of transport that they have invited students to join a competition to make the best design for the pods. In this way you get very innovative co-creation between students and companies. This is also interesting because there is no system that is the same. There are some still some bumps in the road. Mostly structural and safety directed. They say it’s a very ecologic system to fur fill the needs in the future. Because the Hyperloop generates more power than it consumes it’s a very sustainable innovation for the sustainable cities of the future. It acts like a power generator. (Elon Musk) (first ride of the Hyperloop)


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