Every human trembles al little. When you did something that took a lot of effort your hands could be shaking afterwards or when you have a curtain emotion like crying. This are normal trembles. But when it gets worse and your daily functioning is affected we speak of a tremor. Normal things like eating or dressing up become very complicated. Most of the time loved ones need to help feeding them, because holding a spoon is not possible. As a human you want to be independent, you don’t want that your wife needs to feed you the whole day. Around 10 million people in the United State suffer from varying degrees of essential tremors.

What is it?

Founder of Liftware, Anupam Pathak designed a stabilizing handle with an attachment for a spoon and a fork. It’s designed to help people with a tremor eat easier and don’t have to worry about spilling. It adapts to the shaking of your hand tremor and the utensil shakes 70% less than your hand.

The Liftware handle does that by calculating about 1,000 times per second how much you should be moving to compensate the shaking and then moving in the opposite direction to stabilize. The device is still very expensive; you almost pay $ 300,00. But for the time being he lowered the price to $ 195,00 to make sure that more people are able to get the device.


Why is it cool?

People with a hand tremor feel a loss of dignity. They feel that everyone is looking at them while eating, because they were struggling getting the food from the plate to their mouth. The Liftware gives back their dignity. They don’t have to be embarrassed sitting in a restaurant. They don’t need to stay at home anymore eating by themselves. “That spoon really helps them,” McCartney foundation executive director said. “Their quality of life gets dramatically improved.” They feel more independent and sure of themselves. As McCarney is saying, their quality of life improves a lot because they can live a normal life again. This is something that helps people with tremors deal with dear shaking and have treatment at the same time but don’t have to worry that in the future eating is an obstacle. Also their eating experience improves. In this way there is still some kind of healing the tremors, but more in a mentally way.



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