There are 3 million singles in the Netherlands. Are u always wondering if your husband is cheating with one of them? Then a mattress company out of Spain will be your hero.

What is it?

The mattress company is developing a new smart mattress called the Smarttres. It detects when your bed is in use. You can see how long you have slept or you can see if your partner is cheating on you. The sensors in the mattress detect motion and which part of the bed is being used. It detects things like length of action, motion intensity and speed. Then the information will be logged in the companion app. And you will get an alert to your mobile phone whenever someone is using your bed. Where you can find all the information of the night before. You could keep your own data with your partner. But that’s not the main purpose, the main purpose is catching your partner. You can have this mattress for $1400.


Schermafbeelding 2016-06-27 om 16.26.56.png

Why is it cool?

This is the most dramatic way to find out if your partner is having an affair. Maybe it’s because of the Spanish siesta’s that this is needed over there. But for the future the technique can maybe be used in other sectors like in the health care to track the movement of the patients. Maybe this will be something for the rich or the creepy stalkers. But for the normal people this will not be the first option they consider. Togetherness and inline is part of this. The app creates the online experience and the offline experience is in the bed. Also experience economy can be linked to this signal. They created a whole new experience, you can track your own love making or the one of your partner. With inventions like this we need to watch our back.


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