Some things in this world we just take for granted. Some things we don’t even think about. And of some things we don’t realise what the consequences would be if it just disappeared. What would happen if all the fish in the world just vanished?

What is it?

This is a problem not many of us think about. Because it became so normal. But the consequences when all the fish disappear are bigger than you think. The first thing that is in danger is that the entire food chain could collapse. The animals that live of fish could die first. 17% of the world’s protein intake is from fish. That would mean that if the fish would go extinct we have to find replacements. But not only feeding is the problem. Millions and millions of people depend on fishing. It’s their income. If there is no fish, there is no money. Their jobs would disappear and then there are millions of people without a job or money. That will have a huge impact on the economy. Another consequence could be that the climate will change. In the ocean there are little bubbles these bubbles are eaten by special fish, if these fishes die then the ocean will be filled with bubbles like a bottle of coca cola. The problem we are dealing with now is over fishing and nobody is talking about it. Not even when these consequences are known. In 2006, the study was done by a man named Boris Worm. He predicted that by the year 2048, the sea will be empty of fish.

Why is it cool?

Something like this you cannot really call cool. You can better call it interesting. There could be a solution for this problem and that would be sustainably fishing or protection of the sea. Only 2.8% of the ocean is protected. But how, that’s something nobody really knows the answer on. But there has something to change, otherwise we will see the consequences in a few years. And we all think then, we should have done something. What would we do without fish? The answer is nothing. So we need to work with the technologies we have these days to create a new system.





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